Cancer Resource Center (CRS)
The Plan pays benefits for oncology services provided by Designated Providers participating in the Cancer Resource Services (CRS) program. Designated providers are defined in the "Medical Plan Definitions."
For oncology services and supplies to be considered covered health services, they must be provided to treat a condition that has a primary or suspected diagnosis relating to cancer. If you or a covered dependent has cancer, you may:
To receive benefits for a cancer-related treatment, you are not required to visit a Designated Provider. If you receive oncology services from a facility that is not a Designated Provider, the Plan pays benefits as described for:
  • Physician's office services -sickness and injury
  • Physician fees for surgical and medical services
  • Scopic procedures -outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic
  • Hospital-inpatient stay
  • Surgery -outpatient
Note: Services described for travel and lodging are covered health services only in connection with cancer-related services received at a Designated Provider.
To receive benefits under the CRS program, you must contact CRS prior to obtaining covered health services. The Plan will only pay benefits under the CRS program if CRS provides the proper notification to the Designated Provider performing the services (even if you self-refer to a provider in that network).