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Maternity benefits
Stryker's medical plan covers expenses for hospital stays or birthing centers and obstetrics provided by a doctor or certified nurse-midwife for pregnancy, childbirth or related complications. Newborn expenses, including hospital nursery charges, routine in-hospital pediatric care for a healthy infant and circumcision, also are covered separate from the mother.
Benefits for pregnancy will be paid at the same level as benefits for any other condition, sickness or injury. This includes all maternity-related medical services for prenatal care, postnatal care, delivery, and any related complications.
Pregnancy-related expenses of employees and dependents must be incurred while the person is covered under the Plan. If expenses are incurred after coverage ends, no benefits will be paid. If there are benefits payable from a previous plan, these will be subtracted from benefits payable for the same expenses under this plan.
Expenses related to elective induced abortions and any complication related to an abortion are covered.
If you need to change your healthcare benefit election as the result of the birth of the baby, you must properly change your enrollment via the Benefits Enrollment Site at, or by contacting your Benefits representative and completing an enrollment form, within 30 days of the life event (including the date of the event). You must also provide all of the required dependent documentation within 30 days as requested in order to change your elections on a pre-tax basis. See "Making Changes" in the Participating in Health Care Benefits section for more information.
Prior authorization requirement
For out-of-network benefits you must obtain prior authorization from UnitedHealthcare as soon as reasonably possible if the inpatient stay for the mother and/or the newborn will be more than 48 hours for the mother and newborn child following a normal vaginal delivery, or more than 96 hours for the mother and newborn child following a cesarean section delivery. If you fail to obtain prior authorization as required, benefits will be subject to a $400 penalty.
It is important that you notify us regarding your pregnancy. Your notification will open the opportunity to become enrolled in prenatal programs that are designed to achieve the best outcomes for you and your baby.