Vocera Engage

The intelligent workflow engine

Vocera Engage middleware is the core of Vocera’s communication and workflow intelligence. It provides care teams a comprehensive picture of a patient’s situation, enabling prompt communication and helping to enhance patient safety.

Doctors and nurses walking in a hospital wearing Vocera Badges - hands-free communication devices

Enhance patient safety by enabling filtering, routing, escalation and prioritisation of alarms* and notifications.

Health care professionals wearing a Vocera SmartBadage and using Vocera Engage to communicate

Communication and workflow intelligence

Patient care happens second by second and care team members need flexible and dynamic tools that optimise patient outcomes.

Vocera Engage

  • Enables more than 185+ integrations with clinical and operational systems like nurse call, lab, radiology, physiologic monitors, patient surveillance, bed alarms, patient flow, bed management and more.
  • Integrates care team assignment information from multiple sources into the Dynamic Master Directory.

Turning actionable notifications into smart workflows

Receive only the communications and notifications you need and make sure important information reaches the right recipient by setting rules for filtering, routing, escalation and prioritisation based on your facility.

With Engage, rules may include the following, and more:
• Number of caregivers in an escalation path
• Care team roles for each escalation
• A recipient’s presence and availability
• Time between escalations

A nurse standing on stairs using a Vocera SmartBadge to communicate hands-free
A nurse comforts a patient in the hospital while a wearing a Vocera SmartBadge - hands-free communication

Putting patients at the center of care – communication software and devices

Vocera Engage connects the entire clinical ecosystem of nurses, physicians and ancillary staff, whether their workflows demand hands-free, voice-driven communication or a smartphone. 

" Interoperability between our many clinical systems and the Vocera app helps improve the healthcare experience for both patients and nurses by helping create a quieter environment with fewer nuisance alarms."


– Jacob Kittinger, RN Manager of Clinical Support Owensboro Health
Vocera Engage analytics dashboard example

Reporting and analytics

Vocera Analytics, a core capability of our platform, is a diagnostic tool that gives you the consolidated, holistic insight you need to effectively: 

  • Manage clinician interruptions and communication workflows 
  • Identify root causes of sentinel events 
  • Achieve clinical imperatives for improving patient care

Find the information you need quickly with a broad selection of intuitive dashboards and reports. 

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