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Help optimise patient safety by enabling clinicians to see the most important communications first in an intuitive, customisable experience.

Medical professionals reviewing patient information using the Vocera Vina app

Find people quickly and communicate faster

Vocera Vina communication example on a mobile phone

Prioritise patient safety with ranking by priority

View calls, messages and notifications in order of priority, and get a more complete picture of a situation faster. Receive prioritised communications with patient, event and care team context, enabled by interoperability with the clinical and operational systems you use and according to rules set by your organization.  

Priority ranking within Vina is determined by whether a communication is a notification with urgent, high, or medium priority, a patient-related notification or conversation, a message that requires acknowledgement or a message someone has read or responded to.

Find people quickly, even across a geographically dispersed organization
Access a unified directory encompassing your whole healthcare system. Navigate intuitively or use voice commands to call by saying the name, role, or group of whom you want to reach from anywhere in the application. 


Help enable uninterrupted focus on critical patient-care activities
Divert calls into voicemail or allow incoming calls and notifications to automatically escalate to other people or groups. When a matter is truly urgent, a caller can break through “Do Not Disturb” mode. If the intended recipient of a communication or notification isn’t available, the notification will go to the next person in the escalation path.**


See the full history of calls***, messages and notifications pertaining to a patient or event, linked within a single conversational thread 
Help offload the need to retrieve, retain and record information and strengthen the integrity of the information chain


Drive accountability and responsibility with an audit trail for messages 
Enable a sender to request that a recipient acknowledge receipt. One tap says, “Got it” and the communication loop is closed. 

Screenshot of a communication between healthcare colleagues using Vocera Vina

With the Vocera Vina smartphone app, you can see the most important communications first in an intuitive, customisable experience.

Screenshot example of an alert from the Vocera Vina app

Receive alarm* notifications with contextual patient information from multiple systems.

Screenshot of additional patient data as delivered by the Vocera Vina app

Access additional patient details from within a conversation or alarm notification.

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View of the Vocera Vina app with colleague collaboration on a patient alert

Enable the whole care team to see the history of communication about the patient or event within a single conversational thread.

Screenshot of how toadd care team members to an alert in the Vocera Vina app

View and add care team members.

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