Vocera Collaboration Suite

Near-real time situational awareness and integrated data, voice and secure text

With Vocera Collaboration Suite you can recognise and respond to a change in a patient’s status and collaborate with the entire care team quickly.

Nurse reviewing alerts and patient data using Vocera's collaboration suite
Help enhance patient safety
Near-real time situational awareness and actionable patient data inform clinical decisions so you can easily communicate and collaborate, improving the experience for you and your patients.

Vocera Collaboration Suite at a glance

This solution combines the unique calling, texting and notifying capabilities of Vocera into one secure and easy-to-use mobile application. Collaboration Suite enables situational awareness and provides actionable patient data to inform clinicians so care team members can easily communicate and collaborate, improving the experience of the patient and the caregiver.*

  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Collaborate in near-real time
Example of Vocera's Collaboration Suite on a smartphone
Desktop view of updates coming through the Vocera Collaboration Suite

Situational awareness helps inform
clinical decision making

  • Collaborate with the care team
  • Reference patient details in text conversations
  • Access to care team in near-real time
  • Avoid response delays by reaching available care team members
  • Patient information, tagged with identities, is correlated and texts are routed simultaneously to the right care team members on their primary communication device

What you get with Vocera Collaboration Suite


  • Situational awareness and actionable patient data
  • Prioritised alarm notifications based on Engage intelligent workflow engine
  • Auditable communication trail
  • Message forwarding to covering team members
  • Missed calls highlighted in call log


  • Available on Apple, Android, web console
  • Enterprise-wide user management through Active Directory authentication
  • Shared and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models supported



  • Receive messages inside and outside the facility for greater flexibility and convenience
  • Securely share confidential information
  • Contact care teams regardless of location to speed responses
  • One-click response to messages to speed communications
  • Quickly access patient and care team information for informed clinical decisions
  • Ensure all participants in conversation are discussing the same patient to avoid confusion


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