Chesapeake Anterior-Lumbar

Stabilisation System

The Chesapeake Anterior-Lumbar Stabilisation System is a multi-screw construct that is designed to provide stability to the anterior column, while reducing the need for the supplemental fixation [1] in the lumbar spine. This system offers a comprehensive range of sizes carefully designed to assist with the restoration of sagittal balance and disc height.

Main features

  • Anterior fixation with zero-profile design
  • Featuring SMARTLock Technology, which requires no additional locking mechanism
  • A multi-screw construct with 14° converging angles
  • Manufactured from biocompatible PEEK polymer
  • Full range of sizes designed to offer a comprehensive solution to aid in the restoration of sagittal balance and disc height

SMARTLock Technology

  • Difference in material hardness designed to promote formation of an autogenic lock between the screw and plate
  • No additional locking mechanism

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