Clinical Specialists



The more skills we put at your disposal when dealing with our instruments and implant systems, the greater is the benefit that you and your patients can obtain from our products. So whenever you operate with a new product from Stryker you are, in effect, accompanied by highly qualified, specially trained experts.

When carrying out complicated surgical procedures our customers can count on us directly in the operating room. Because our specially trained product experts are at your side during the operation.

Our product specialists are highly qualified, specially trained experts - mostly theatre nurses. They undergo continuous training and are always entirely up-to-date with the latest processes and products. They support doctors and theatre personnel on site with intensive personal consultancy on system-related matters.

As a doctor, you can devote yourself entirely to the surgical challenge - safe in the knowledge that you can obtain competent advice from the product specialists at any time. Simultaneously, clinics can thus also offer special surgical procedures and expand their range. So surgeons do not have to worry about matters regarding instrumentation or other technical details, for example. Product specialists from Stryker thus contribute towards ensuring maximum performance quality.