cryotherapy device
Now available! ClariFix is minimally invasive solution designed to get to the root of chronic rhinitis.
ENT dilation system

 A minimally invasive treatment option for patients with Eustachian tube dysfunction and chronic sinusitis.
nasal implant system
Now available in Europe! LATERA implants are used to support upper and lower lateral cartilage in the nose, reinforcing the nasal wall like traditional cartilage and polymer grafts.
Training & Education
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The goal of Stryker ENT is to offer innovative technology for treatments of chronic and recurrent diseases of the ear, nose and throat. We deliver solutions that support both advanced and minimally invasive procedure needs, and our portfolio offers innovative treatment options to your patients and flexibility of procedural environment to you.

From quality to training and education to continued investment in clinical research, we’re always here to help you increase your knowledge, expand your offerings with proven technologies, and improve patient experiences.

ClariFix cryotherapy device 

The ClariFix device is intended to be used as a cryosurgical tool for ablation of tissue in the nasal passageway of adult patients with chronic rhinitis symptoms.  

XprESS ENT dilation system

The XprESS ENT dilation system is designed to enable minimally invasive treatment of patients suffering from Chronic sinusitis and Eustachian tube dysfunction. The patented balloon dilation technology let’s you easily incorporate balloon dilation into your preferred site of care (ambulatory setting or Operating room).

LATERA nasal implant system

LATERA absorbable nasal implant system is used to support upper and lower lateral cartilage in the nasal wall by reinforcing it like traditional cartilage, which may reduce nasal airway obstruction and help patients breath better.

MiniFESS surgical instruments and tools 

MiniFESS instruments are designed for treating ENT conditions in the ambulatory setting.

Stryker ENT Navigation System

The Stryker ENT navigation system is designed to support various navigated ENT procedures with highlight advanced image guidance and visualization capabilities in a single system. This solution allows the analysis and identification of sinus cells and planning of the natural drainage pathways.

Bioresorbable nasal and ear dressings

Nasopore and Otopore dressings prevent adhesions and deliver support, stability and hemostasis through compression. The range provides different fragmentation periods and compression forces.

ESSx microdebrider

ESSx microdebrider offers cutting efficiency and balance during intranasal and sinus surgery procedures.

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