1688 AIM 4K
Camera system

Designed from the ground up for seamless standardisation and ease of use across multiple specialties, the 1688 AIM 4K Platform redefines surgical technology and patient care. 
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1688 AIM 4K Platform




A) Connected OR Hub


B) PneumoClear 


C) 1688 Camera Control Unit 


D) L11 LED Light Source 




E) 4K Surgical Display 




G) Synk 4K




I) Printer


Featured products

4K Surgical Display
Optimized visual experience in the operating room

Connected OR Hub 
Offers total control of the visualization system from the surgical field

All-in-one insufflator with heated, humidified, and smoke evacuation functionalities



Open surgery fluorescence imaging platform

1688 CCU & L11 LED Light Source 
4K fluorescence enabled minimally invasive surgery camera system

Synk 4K 
4K wireless transmitter and receiver



Print HD surgical images on high-quality photo paper

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