Signature 2
Our latest high-speed drill portfolio


Signature 2, our latest high-speed drill portfolio merges robust surgical essentials with unparalleled custom preferences.

With its mechanics, motors and attachments, Signature 2 Portfolio aims to provide the exact tool and touch you want with the speed, power and durability you need. This platform is powered by our CORE 2 console with industry-exclusive I.D. Touch software.

Driven by innovation



cutting accessories

Signature 2 drill with piDrive motor details

1. Minimal vibration creates stable, high-quality feel

2. Expanded area of exclusive KnurLockgrip technology allows tripod and other grips

3. Alignment dots for easy and consistent assembly/disassembly

4. Reduced attachment pull out force1

5. Non-footed slam latch and release collar simplify use

6. Bearing grease performance with higher operating temperature (37ºC increase; 177ºC vs 140ºC)2

7. Center of gravity shifted to distal end for better motor balance

8. Motors optimized inside and out for durability and nuanced power and torque control

9. Motor highly tunable allowing you to customize how your drill responds and feels

10. Matte anodizing and drill coating help reduce light reflection and glare off drill surface

11. πdrive 2 gives neuro/ENT otologists a maneuverable, shorter and lighter use option compared to πdrive 2 +

12. Enhanced cable coating augments insulation and anti-friction1

CORE 2 console


The Consolidated Operating Room Equipment (CORE) 2 Console provides a convenient, single control center for a multitude of powered instruments, including all Signature components.

Integrated into our CORE Console power source, the I.D. Touch Software provides a wide range of settings that will allow you to customize how your drill responds and feels - from low to high sensitivity. The CORE 2 Console is capable of running two drills simultaneously, irrigation and Bone Mill.


I.D Touch Setting Chart

piDrive motor compared to conventional electric motor drawing

πdrive motors 


Through innovative design and mechanics, we’ve reimagined and refined πdrive motors from tip to tail to elevate their performance, ergonomics, durability and usability.

Patented πdrive motor technology:

  • Magnets in “pie” configuration replace nonfunctioning steel core
  • Flat wiring encases the core, not open loop wiring
  • Creates volumetric optimization to enhance performance while limiting housing size

Elite attachments and accessories


  • 300+ cutting tools, including carbide and precision 2Flute for less chatter3
  • Patented multi-notch telescoping enables convenient customization of exposure
  • Adjustable up to five exposure levels (up to 10mm)


Elite Attachments range

iBur attachments range


iBur integrated attachments


  • Angled integrated attachment, cutting accessory and irrigator with 15º distal or proximal-bend
  • Proximally-bent: 6 burs spanning three design styles and 2.5 - 4mm diameters
  • Distally-bent: 10 burs spanning five design styles and 2 - 5mm diameters
of surveyed surgeons could see the head of the bur.4

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