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Living and working at the intersection of cultures


The municipality of Solothurn sees itself as a bridge city: Here, bridges are built between language and cultural regions and contacts between opposites and differences are made. In the 17,000-inhabitant city with its baroque flair, French charm, Italian grandeur and German-Swiss down-to-earthness come together to create a special way of life. However, bridges also play an important role in a very concrete sense: Solothurn lies at the intersection of the main Swiss transport axes and at the center between the metropolitan areas of Basel, Bern and Zurich. Thanks to its excellent accessibility by car, train and plane, destinations in Germany and abroad can be reached quickly and easily. Due to their special situation, the Solothurners know that it also depends on the right connections economically. That is why medical device manufacturers, suppliers, service and research companies have joined forces to promote the exchange of expertise and cooperation between companies through events and specialist groups. This is how medical know-how concentrates at the Solothurn site.