Flex Financial

Greater Flexibility
for your Budget


Keeping up to date is no longer simply a matter of technology. You can increase your clinic's competitiveness and your administrative efficiency with straightforward and flexible financing models from Stryker Flex Financial.

Innovative utilization concepts

You want to provide your surgeons with the best medical equipment? This is simple with Stryker Flex Financial. Our flexible payment models can be precisely adapted to your budget requirements and thus assist you to build up long-term financial stability. Our product range is complemented by a wide variety of flexible payment arrangements:

  • Arrangements for consumables: you receive the necessary goods without cash outlay – with subscription agreements for consumables and implants.
  • Traditional equipment rentals: in addition to transfer of the capital goods, your user fee per payment interval includes additional costs for maintenance, servicing and consumables and can therefore be financed comfortably from current income.
  • Pay-per-use models: alternatively, we can calculate the user fee by usage.
  • Arrangements subject to notice: if you are not sure whether you want a long-term contractual commitment you can rent the capital goods and give notice on the arrangement at particular deadlines.
  • Customised solutions: together we work out financing solutions that precisely meet your needs.


Uncomplicated lasting flexibility

Use the flexible payment models offered by Stryker Flex Financial and profit from new organisational possibilities:

  • Exploit our financing solutions to accelerate investment projects delayed by budgetary restraints.
  • Protect your liquidity and use it for additional surgical objectives.
  • Improve your cash flow by means of user fees that become due in parallel to the achievement of sales targets.
  • Increase your commercial efficiency by receiving a single invoice for a complete investment and services package.

Of course we offer competent and uncomplicated support in personal discussions at your premises. Simply contact your Stryker representative. We look forward to hearing from you!