Selzach, Switzerland
Markus Borkenhagen
Senior Director Operations
Plant Manager

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Stryker GmbH Bohnackerweg 1 CH-2545 Selzach Switzerland
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+41 (0)32 641 6666

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Selzach timeline

Osteo AG

1963 - Founding of Osteo AG in Altreu

Übernahme durch Stryker

1996 - Takeover of Osteo AG by the Stryker Corporation

Integration Howmedica Trauma Produktion

2000 - Production of the plate and screw systems made by Howmedica Trauma - taken over by Stryker - is moved to Selzach

Integration SBi

2011 -
Production by Small Bones Innovations - taken over by Stryker - is moved to Selzach

Umzug nach Selzach

1984 - Osteo AG moves to Selzach near Solothrun

Stryker Trauma AG

2000 - Osteo AG renamed Stryker Trauma Selzach AG

Integration Memometal

2011 -
Production by Memometal SA - taken over by Stryker - is moved to Selzach

Stryker GmbH

2015 -
Renamed Stryker GmbH

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Sample production for medical technology

The fact that high-precision industry is at home at the Selzach site is obvious at first glance of the production hall. The striking new building at the village entrance accommodates numerous modern CNC machining centres; the rooms are almost clinically clean; there are no loud noises. Manufacture is carried out according to the production cell principle. Individual teams are responsible for the overall production process – from the planning, through manufacture and quality assurance, to warehousing. What 50 years ago started as a company called Osteo AG has now grown into an important employer in the region. The Stryker Corporation took over the company in 1996, gradually expanded it, and concentrated production competences here from other parts of the group. The Solothurn community has meanwhile become the specialist within the Stryker Corporation for producing screws, plates, instruments and external fixation systems for treating broken bones. The high level of training in the precision industry, firmly anchored in the region, and the technical expertise and high level of automation speak for the site. So it was only logical to integrate two purchases, MemoMetal and Small Bones Innovations and both their production departments, into Selzach’s production site. But Selzach is not just production. About 80 highly qualified engineers at the site are busy working on the development of new products, and surgeons come to the Training Centre from all over the world to practice their work with products from Selzach. It is no accident that the new building looks like a mixture of campus and manufacturing.