SKILL Assist MAX (header)

With SKILL Assist MAX, time and distance are no longer barriers for interactive, collaborative and dynamic learning. With Stryker’s medical education platform, expert physicians can join your case and assist in real time, from any laptop. You can also stream a highly engaging learning experience and connect from anywhere, from any device.

We are living in a global world. SKILL Assist MAX was made for it.

Through SKILL Assist MAX’s 360º high-definition cameras, crystal clear two way audio, precise annotation capabilities and quick setup, physicians can train and proctor in real-time, as if they’re physically together in the same room.


Full web proctor: Connect from everywhere, from any device (computer/tablet/phone) and have full control in seconds, with near-zero latency across the globe. 


Draw, annotate and communicate with your peers faster than a phone call.


  • Streaming/reverse proctoring capability
  • Ability to share your live cases with others
  • Ability to organize your own medical events

Invite your guest/viewers

  • Invite your peers to virtually attend your live case
  • Set your faculty to interact and chat during your live cases
  • Your faculty can be seen, speak, hear, watch and chat with you and your guests

Record your live case directly on your USB stick.

Instantaneous and flexible

  • A plug-and-play solution that offers flexibility for on-demand cases
  • Built for quick setup—in 10 minutes or less
  • Can be easily installed and uninstalled


Equipped with a powerful 4G/5G modem, the system is portable, scalable and autonomous of hospital internet networks, offering optimal coverage anywhere in the world.

Semi-permanent install (on demand, depending on region)

Within the same hospital

  • To support colleagues on call, discuss cases remotely and train young physicians, fellows and staff

Support between hospitals

  • To train remotely, support emergency cases and support traveling doctors

SKILL Assist MAX was created to meet HIPAA and GDPR privacy and security standards.

  • Data transmission is protected using HMACSHA-256 message authentication codes
  • Protection against passive and active attacks on confidentiality
  • Data encryption
  • Multilayer integration protection, designed to protect both data and service layers
  • Personal or medical data is not stored within the application

Education meets an environmental impact.

Our mission is to improve healthcare not only for patients, caregivers and employees but also for the environment. We are driven by a strong mission but also feel great responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. SKILL Assist MAX reinforces that commitment by facilitating worldwide physician collaboration without increasing the air travel carbon footprint.

Watch SKILL Assist MAX in action 

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