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Education and Research


Modern medical technical instruments and implant systems require comprehensive qualification of surgeons and theatre teams. Our research and further education projects therefore make an important contribution towards the continuous further development of technical standards in medicine.

Stryker takes training and further education very seriously indeed. In a rapidly changing world, today's surgeons must always be able to understand and exploit new and improved technologies. In order to actively support this process, Stryker uses the latest teaching methods in all its training courses. Find out for yourself at:

Stryker supports independent scientific further education and research organisations such as the Association Internationale pour l'Ostéosynthèse Dynamique (AIOD) and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Endoprothetik (AE), whose central task is the training and further education of doctors and theatre personnel.

Both institutions perform important research work and offer a comprehensive range of further education courses for doctors, caregivers and specialists. Stryker is actively involved in this with, for example, regular AIOD events and workshops for theatre personnel throughout Germany. Particularly large events take place twice a year in Westerland on Sylt and in Alpenbach in Austria's Tirol region. Along with Hanover, Leipzig and Murnau, Duisburg now acts as one of the AIOD's four central theatre workshop centres in Germany.

In addition, Stryker promotes the ORTHOPEDICS Hyperguide, an interactive teaching tool on the internet and the most comprehensive online knowledge library for orthopaedics. Orthopaedic specialists and doctors, as well as scientists and students, can access an enormous amount of up-to-date information on the most varied of subjects - from fundamental research to special topics such as, say, paediatric orthopaedics. The content of the Hyperguide is created by orthopaedic and trauma surgeons and continuously monitored by a scientific committee. The ORTHOPEDICS Hyperguide complies with the code of the Health On The Net Foundation (HON) and is administrated and published by an independent board. The AIOD - a committee for national and international exchanges of experience, techniques and further developments in dynamic osteosynthesis - has officially recognised the ORTHOPEDICS Hyperguide as a teaching instrument.