Pro Care Technical Repair Service

Pro Care Technical
Repair Service


Our customers should be able to fully concentrate on their work. This is why Stryker’s ProCare Service ensures that its medical products offer maximum readiness for use.

Stryker's Pro Care Service offers you our high-quality technical support for the wide range of Stryker products within your clinic. Our team of highly qualified technicians, whose training prioritises meeting our high quality demands and compliance with all official regulations, will take care of your Stryker products. Stryker offers a range of Service Packages that are customised for our customers' particular requirements - so that their equipment is always available for work and has a long service life. In addition, our Replacement Device Service ensures that your work and treatment processes are not interrupted - guaranteeing trouble-free and consistent patient care in all cases.

Stryker's ProCare Service Packages include:

Service Optionen Pro Care Prevent Pro Care Protect Facts
Original Stryker spare parts X X All spare parts used for repairs are original Stryker components. All work carried out is inspected on the basis of stringent quality assurance measures.
24-hour Service Hotline X X You can reach us 24/7 via our Service Hotline.
Free maintenance with reminder service X X Stryker plans the annual maintenance work and carries it out according to the requirements of the BGVA3 directive in Germany’s accident prevention regulations (UVV). You can always be certain that all important inspections are completely up-to-date and documented.
Annual calibration in compliance with §6 Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV). X X We work in line with the requirements of §6 Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MedBetreibV) in the Medical Products Directive (MPG).
Free loan of devices on next working day X X If you need to borrow a device because of a defect or necessary maintenance you will receive it on the next working day following your request.
Free mobile on-site service   X As far as possible, our technicians will carry out all maintenance and repairs on site. This accelerates repair and servicing, and prevents the despatch of sensitive devices.
Training in correcting faults in medical technology   X If necessary, we will carry out training on correcting faults in your medical equipment – at our Headquarters in Duisburg or on site, as desired.
Free collection of devices   X Stryker handles the organisation and costs for collecting devices that are ready for despatch.
Annual on-site handling analysis   X If desired, our technicians will analyse the handling of devices during use to optimally adjust these processes for improved device service lives.
Preferential processing of orders   X Customers with this service option are treated preferentially by our technical customer service. This results in shorter repair throughput times at our Headquarters and shorter waiting times for servicing work.
Free software updates   X All software updates published by Stryker are free-of-charge for you and are implemented during the annual maintenance.
Unrestricted number of repairs   X Any number of repairs is carried out. There is no contractual protection, however, for defects resulting from improper maintenance or repairs carried out by the customer themselves.

with your clinical team

The technical support options offered by Stryker can be adapted to your priorities and those of your personnel. We plan our service work together with your clinical and technical teams. You can therefore concentrate on achieving your daily results regarding patients and clinical performance.

With ProCare from Stryker:

  • you receive loaned devices on the next working day – and thus reduce potential risks to the productivity of operations and patient flow.
  • you profit from prioritised fault correction and on-site assistance – we are there for you when you most need us.
  • you receive an unlimited number of repairs – you can rely on all repairs to Stryker devices being covered.

Simple asset management.
ProCare from Stryker offers protection from insufficiently maintained equipment – which can result in expensive downtimes and problems with operating performance. ProCare from Stryker is intended to reduce the often complicated and time-consuming internal processes that determine which devices need to be upgraded and repaired. Our service helps hospitals maximise the utilisation of their assets and simplify the advance planning of their reinvestments.

With ProCare from Stryker:

  • you reduce unnecessary processes by making use of the mobile ProCare maintenance unit.
  • your products are supported over their entire life cycle, contributing towards continued efficiency.
  • you maximise the potential utilisation of equipment thanks to short repair times and the availability of kits to borrow.

Forecast and control your costs.
With ProCare from Stryker you can be certain that your Stryker devices are indemnified against all eventualities and against fluctuating maintenance and repair costs during the contract period. We offer you a selection of clear and simple options without hidden costs. Your choice will enable your clinical teams to continue to do their jobs well in future.

With ProCare from Stryker:

  • you profit from financial stability and planning security due to the unlimited number of repairs – without hidden costs.
  • you obtain preferential fault correction and on-site assistance – without travel costs.
  • you receive borrowed devices on the next working day and thus minimise potential disadvantages for patients and clinical work.

Working with your medical technology. Stryker uses highly qualified and excellently trained technicians to maintain and repair your Stryker devices. We guarantee the quality and reliability of our products by only using original parts from Stryker, special tools, and quality assurance processes approved by Stryker. These elements of ProCare are designed to support users, achieve the best results with these products, and increase their reliability. With ISO 9001 certification, the repair centre in Duisburg and the mobile maintenance units offer a service that is unsurpassed in the sector and that is strategically positioned within Germany so that short reaction times can be guaranteed for urgent repairs and service visits.

With ProCare from Stryker:

  • you gain from medical technology training from Stryker, helping you support your clinical teams.
  • you profit from mobile on-site fault correction and thus shorter waiting times in the case of breakdowns.

Stryker’s Service Team can be reached at the following telephone number between 7.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays: Tel.: +49 (0)2065 837-610


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