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Expenses not covered
Please note that the HCFSA is not a Health Savings Account or HSA. Expenses that are not eligible for HCFSA reimbursement include:
  • Expenses for cosmetic surgery, medications or any other treatment or procedure directed at improving appearance that does not promote proper functioning of the body or prevent or treat illness or disease is excluded
  • Claims for expenses that were not incurred during the current plan year or that were incurred prior to the date of mid-year election increase due to a qualifying event
  • Expenses for items that are merely beneficial to general health, such as health/fitness club memberships or weight loss programs
  • Claims for expenses incurred after your HCFSA plan participation stops
  • Expenses that have been reimbursed, or are reimbursable, by another source such as a group medical plan
  • Healthcare expenses (or the portion of healthcare expenses) that exceed your annual HCFSA contribution election
  • Any expense, other than for non-prescription drugs, that could not be claimed as an income tax deduction under Section 213 of the Internal Revenue Code without regard to the 7.5% adjusted gross income threshold
  • Insurance premiums