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When FSA participation ends
If you leave Stryker or stop contributing to an HCFSA for any reason, your participation will end on the date your employment ends or you stop contributions to either or both accounts. You may continue to submit claims for expenses incurred prior to the date your participation ended up to March 31 of the following year. If you are eligible, you may elect to continue participating in the HCFSA after you leave Stryker through COBRA continuation. For details, see "COBRA: Continuing Healthcare Coverage" in the Participating in healthcare benefits section.
If you leave Stryker or stop contributing to a DCFSA for any reason, you may submit claims for the eligible expenses you have incurred until the earlier of the date your DCFSA balance at the time of termination is exhausted or the end of the plan year of your employment termination date. Any such claims must be submitted on or before March 31 of the next plan year.