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How to obtain vision benefits

If you use participating providers
Once you've located a participating provider, schedule an appointment. Be sure to let the provider's office know that you are covered under an EyeMed vision plan. Your provider's office will collect your copays as well as any additional amounts you may owe for optional items such as designer frames or tinting. The provider's office also files claims for you.
Please note that the contact lens allowance is a one-time per calendar year benefit. If you purchase disposable contact lenses from a participating provider, be sure to purchase a sufficient quantity so that you use all of the $150 in-network benefit allowance. If you do not use all of the allowance for a single purchase, you won't have any remaining balance to use for future purchases in the same calendar year.
If you use non-participating providers
If you do not use a participating provider, you must pay for services and materials and then file a one-time claim for reimbursement of all services and materials. You will need to complete an out-of-network claim form and submit the form with itemized receipts for reimbursement to:
EyeMed Vision Care
Attention: OON Claims
P.O. Box 8504
Mason, OH 45040
You may also submit your claim via the EyeMed website ( If your eye exam is provided on a date that is different from the date you receive your glasses or contacts, don't file your claim for reimbursement until you have all of the necessary receipts.
If you purchase contact lenses from a non-participating provider, you must file a claim in order to obtain the $105 contact lens allowance. This is a one-time reimbursement, so you should wait to file your claim until you have all of the necessary receipts for your contact lens exam, fitting and the contact lenses themselves.