Loan Trays Instructions for Use (IFUs)

IFU Guidelines

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Products may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory and/or medical practices in individual markets. Please contact your Stryker representative if you have questions about the availability of Stryker products in your area.

Craniomaxillofacial (CMF)
Loan tray system                                     IFU number / Location Revision

Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Endoscopy Devices  
Endoscopic Hardware User Manual 1000-400-296 N
Stryker Vision Mount 1000-400-677 K
Standard Cart 1000-400-844 G
Endoscope and Camera Sterilization Tray Processing Guide 1000-400-907 M
Flat Panel Roll-Stand 1000-400-801 E
32" 4K Surgical Display Cover P32007 C
SDP1000 Digital Color Printer P12706 H
SYNK Wireless System P21693 G
VisionPro SYNK 26" Wireless LED Display P22286 K
SDC3 HD Information Management System P23566 L
VisionPro 26" LED Display P23894 M
32" 4K Surgical Display P32022 H
Connected OR Cart P44082 D
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
SteriTite and MediTray IFU-CASETRANS 004A
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
SPY-PHI Articulating Arm IFU-0100 3
SPY-PHI Spy Portable Handheld Imaging System IFU 4-0003045 G
PINPOINT Endoscopic Fluorescence Imaging System IFU 4-0002428 K
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
SpineJack Systems 097-1102-00 AC
Dual Speed Cement Injection Gun 0206-600-700 AA
BioPrep Bone Preparation Kit 0206-701-700 AA
Bone Biopsy Kits 0306-105-702 C
VertePort Cement Cannulas and Access Cannulas 0306-400-702 AB
Surgical Helmets 0408-600-705 AD
Flyte Extended Life Power Pack 0408-650-703 AC
Flyte Charger 0408-655-700 AB
Steri-Shield Personal Protection System, Flyte Hood 0408-800-740 AA
PCD System 0506-583-700 AA
Cast Cutter Blades 0840-004-700 H
Cast Cutter 0940-001-025 L
CastVac 0986-001-011 R
Cordless Driver and Universal Driver Attachments 4100-005-700 AC
Pin Collet 4103-126-702 F
Keyless Drill Attachment 4103-133-700 AA
Non-sterile Batteries 4126-110-700 AA
Battery Protector Kits 4126-120-700 AA
System 5 Rotary Handpiece 4203-001-700 D
System 5 Dual Trigger Rotary Handpiece 4205-001-700 D
System 5 Reciprocating Saw 4206-001-700 C
System 5 Sagittal Saw 4208-001-700 C
POWEReam Attachments 4405-210-700 AA
Cordless Driver 4/Sabo 2 Insert Tray 4405-452-700 AC
System 8 Cordless Driver Handpiece 4505-001-700 AA
System 8 Sabo Sagittal Saw 4508-001-700 AA
TPS Cord 5100-004-700 D
MD Series Attachments 5100-015-735 AB
CORE Powered Instrument Driver 5400-050-700 N
CORE 2 Console 5400-052-700-EN AC
CORE Sterilization Cases 5400-276-702 AB
Anchoring Pins 6007-420-700 G
System 6 Sterilization Cases 6102-450-701 F
System 6 Non-sterile Battery 6126-110-700 AA
System 6 Aseptic Battery Kit 6126-120-700 AA
System 6 Single Trigger Rotary Handpiece 6203-001-700 E
System 6 Rotary Handpiece Attachments 6203-001-705 AA
System 6 Dual Trigger Rotary Handpiece 6205-001-700 D
System 6 Sagittal Saw 6208-001-701 E
System 6 Stryker Precision Oscillating Tip Saw 6209-001-708 E
System 6 Battery Packs 6215-001-700 AA
Electric System 6 Handpiece Cord 6292-001-700 AB
Electric System 6 Sternum Saw 6297-001-700 AB
RemB Electric Hand Switch 6400-009-700 AA
RemB Electric Micro Drill 6400-015-700 AA
RemB Electric Sagittal Saw 6400-034-700 AA
RemB Electric Universal Driver 6400-099-700 AA
RemB Electric Sterilization Cases 6400-277-700 AA
Sterilization Cases 7102-450-700 AA
System 7 Insert Trays 7102-450-701 AA
Universal Battery Charger 7110-120-700 AB
Heavy Duty Battery Powered and Electric Heavy Duty Systems 7200-001-700 AE
Heavy Duty Rotary Handpiece Attachments 7203-001-702 AA
System 7 Dual Trigger Rotary Handpiece 7205-001-700 AA
System 7 Sternum Saw 7207-001-700 AA
Sternum Blade Guard 7207-003-702 AB
SmartLife Battery Packs 7215-001-700 AA
System G Care Instructions 7300-001-700 AA
System G Sterilization Case with Handpiece 7302-120-700 AA
System G Rotary Drill and Attachments 7305-001-700 AC
System G Reciprocating Saw 7306-001-700 AB
System G Sagittal Saw 7308-001-700 AB
System G Power Module 7309-120-700 AC
System G Charger, 2-Bay 7310-120-700 AD
System 8 Collets 8203-026-700 AA
1/4 inch Locking Keyless Chuck 8203-133-700 AA
System 8 Dual Trigger Rotary Handpiece 8205-001-700 AA
System 8 Sternum Saw 8207-001-700 AA
System 8 Sagittal Saw 8208-001-700 AA
System 8 Precision Saw 8209-001-700 AB
System 8 Battery Packs 8215-001-700 AA
Supplemental Processing Instructions for All Stryker
Instruments Division Power Medical Devices
5400-001-705 D
Symbol Definition 0036-716-000 AA
Symbol Definition 700000730423 AB
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Patient Tracker, Tibial/Pelvic Tracker, Femoral Tracker TD6003005701 AB
Pointer (Knee Navigation) TD6003011701 L
Plane Probes TD6003027700 AA
Screwdriver, Universal Joint Screwdriver TD6003100714 E
Pivotal Alignment Handle TD6003175700 E
Navigated MIS-Jigs, Adapter TD6003200700 AA
Dedicated Mini Jig TD6003300700 AC
OrthoLock TD6007003713 I
Instrument Tracker TD6007008700 K
Ortho Grip Knee Pointer, Rotational Curved Pointer, Straight Pointer TD6007012700 F
Insertion Tool TD6007015700 AA
Axis Guide TD6007310700 G
Joint Replacement (JR)
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Cleaning, Sterilization, Inspection and Maintenance of Reusable Medical Devices Instruments LSTPI-B AE
Sterile Instrumentation QIN 4332 AC
Non-Sterile Instruments (Class B - trials, broaches, rasps, drill bits, pins etc) QIN 4333 AE
Non-Sterile Instruments (Class A) QIN 4382 AB
Non-Sterile Instruments (EU MDR) QIN 4383 AA
Non-Sterile Instruments, Reusable (EUMDR – Class A) QIN 4330 AA
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Instrument Cleaning and Sterilization Guide 700001056525 AC
Mako User Guides 700001431977 AH
Non-Sterile Instruments QIN 4325 AA
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Recommended Care, Cleaning, and Sterilization for Reusable Instruments 7041-99 E
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Orthopaedic Surgical Instrument, Reusable MAN-000194 C
Offset Cup Impactor MAN-000209 A
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Trauma & Extremities (T&E)
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision
Drill Bits IFU-BD-R1 A
Bone Plates IFU-BP-R1 B
Bone Screws IFU-BS-R1 B
Orthopedic Instruments IFU-OI-R1 B
Lockable Intramedullary Nails IFU-LIN-R1 A
Loan tray system IFU number / Location Revision