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EPPE Group

Our community keeps growing:

we currently have 5 Board members and numerous subscribers.

We strive to make healthcare better for our patients as well as for our Healthcare professionals. 

About EPPE Board

The European Personal Protection Equipment Group (EPPE) was created to raise awareness on OR Safety for healthcare professionals. It is composed of Orthopaedic surgeons who use Personal Protection Equipment systems during their procedures. 

On average, orthopaedic surgeons get splashed with 203 blood and fatspots during a hip revision surgery.1

1 Billion

Operating staff can be one of the main sources of contamination, an individual can release 1,000,000,000 skin cells per day through skin shedding, out of which approximately 10% of particles carry microorganisms.3

Surgical masks may have up to 50% filter leakage, while surgeon’s conjuctiva has been contaminated in 30 % of cases!2

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Flyte Personal Protection Equipment 

AAMI Level 4 highest grade fabric helping safeguard against exposure to infectious bodily fluids and transfer of microorganisms and particulate matter*

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* Critical zones of the togas meet Level 4 protection against bloodborne pathogens per AAMI PB70, less critical zones meet Level 1.