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A 24/7 online training platform

SKILL e-Lab is an online, interactive, experiential e-learning training platform available 24/7 directly to your computer, phone or tablet, sharing knowledge on anatomy, pathology, patient management, procedures, techniques and more.

SKILL e-Lab is your training and e-learning solution, always available in one click

A platform for all stakeholders involved in stroke patient treatment

Whether you are a nurse, a technician, a stroke coordinator, a fellow, an experienced physician or another key caregiver along the patient pathway, SKILL e-Lab offers a range of courses and learning pathways tailored for your specific training needs.

It provides training modules on numerous neurovascular-related topics to support your continuous professional development and performance excellence, offering the ability to monitor your learning advancement through knowledge checks and tracking of your achievements through training history reports.

SKILL e-lab --interactive on a tablet
SKILL e-lab -- digital interface

The SKILL e-Lab offers what you need

A wide library of learning material

  • Neurovascular pathology
  • Treatment options
  • Product training
  • Case playbooks and videos
  • Expert physician experiences
  • Clinical evidence

The latest courses on Stryker’s value-added services

  • Brainomix
  • StrokEnomics
  • SKILL Assist MAX

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