Asnis III Cannulated Screw System

Asnis III Cannulated Screw System
Screw system

The Asnis III cannulated screws have a low profile head, self drilling and self tapping design and a long drill bit.

Cannulated screw systems
Stanley Asnis, MD invented the cannulated screw in the 1980’s, which became a major facilitator for advancing minimally invasive surgery in orthopaedics.1, 2 The Asnis cannulated screw system continues to offer foot and ankle surgeons an extensive range of lengths and diameters for a multitude of procedural purposes.
  • Full range of size options – Ø4.0, 5.0, 6.5, 8.0
  • Low profile screw head may reduce potential for soft-tissue irritation and offers improved external aesthetics
  • Self-drilling/self-tapping design



Lapidus procedure for hallux valgus correction

This video depicts a correction of a hallux valgus deformity using a lapidus procedure, a fusion of the first metatarsal with the medial cuneiform. The demonstration is performed by Dr. Kai Olms. The procedure uses a Stryker Asnis III 4.0mm cannulated screw and a VariAx Foot oblique t-plate.





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