Neptune 3

Waste Management System

Neptune 3 is a constantly closed waste management system that collects, transports and disposes of surgical waste fluid helping protect staff from exposure whilst increasing efficiencies in the operating room. Neptune 3 also includes a built in smoke evacuator which is fully compatible with the Neptune SafeAir smoke evacuation pencil range to help protect staff from the hazards of surgical smoke.

Neptune 3 A complete solution for surgical fluid suction and smoke evacuation


Neptune 3 contains SealShut technology which enables a constantly closed system during all points of use. In addition, the internal HEPA and ULPA filters provide excellent filtration efficiency.1 Its closed system locks away suctioned fluids during cases, manifold changes, docking and transport; reducing exposure and spills. 


Efficient workflow

Consistent Suction

Excellent Filtration


Locks away Biohazards

Neptune collects, transports and disposes of surgical waste fluid

Key benefits and features

  • Closed system locks away suctioned fluids during cases, manifold changes, docking and transport; reducing exposure and spills
  • SealShut Technology offers three layers of protection at manifold site; no open access points to internal canister

  • Enables patient-to-patient use via simple manifold change

  • Compatible with SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencils

  • Integrated ULPA smoke evacuator filter captures potentially hazardous submicron particulates with 99.999% efficiency

  • Auto mode automatically detects surgical smoke and adjusts flow

  • Reduces hazardous exposure by suctioning surgical site fluid, floor fluid and surgical smoke

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Sealshut Technology

SealShut technology, locks away suctioned biohazards

(A) Provides 3 layers of protection to create a constantly closed system

1 - Twist seal inside manifold port
Twisting and removal of the manifold pivots the inlet cover which seals the canister

2 - Drip reduction valve in disposablemanifold
Located in the back of the manifold, the drip reduction valve automatically closes as the manifold is removed

3 - Backflow prevention valves insidemanifold
Backflow prevention valves stop captured fluids from leaving the manifold during use and disposal

HEPA and ULPA filters

HEPA and ULPA filters provide excellent filtration efficiency. 

(B) HEPA and ULPA Filters

HEPA Filter
Neptune 3 contains a HEPA filter which filters the air suctioned during collection of surgical fluid with a filtration performance 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns1

ULPA Filter
Neptune 3 contains an ULPA filter to filter particles in surgical smoke with a filtration performance of 99.999% efficiency at 0.1 microns1

Neptune SafeAir

Capture surgical smoke at the source

“I literally could not breathe.”

- Dr. Tony Hedley  -


Up to 77% of the particles in surgical smoke are not adequately filtered out by standard surgical masks.5

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