Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic Spinal System

This modular system provides you with a variety of screws, hooks, pre-cut rods, transition rods, and rod-to-rod connectors. An array of occipital plates and bone screws complement this comprehensive product line.

Main Features

  • Multiple screw, hook, rod, connector and plate options to help match patient anatomy
  • Cancellous biased angle, thread designed for cancellous bone
  • Axial alignment allows for ease of construct assembly thanks to a reduced need for rod contouring
  • Patented buttress thread design [1] allows for ease of blocker insertion

1. Stryker Patent # 6,074,391


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The Yukon OCT Spinal System features a top-loading polyaxial screw with high angulation and the ability to accommodate rods in two diameters. The system offers a comprehensive selection of polyaxial screws, hooks, rods, connectors, and occipital plates.

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