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yukon oct spinal system

Yukon OCT Spinal System
Symplifying the complex

  • 60° of angulation for 60° coronal swing designed to aid in rod placement
  • Screw head accepts both 3.5 and 4.0 mm rods for intraoperative flexibility
  • Sequential reducers designed to share reduction forces across multiple screws
Tritanium C

Tritanium C
Featuring Tritanium In-Growth Technology1

  • Highly porous titanium alloy material throughout cage2
  • Large central graft window designed to maximize bone graft volume
  • Threaded inserter attachment for rigid inserter-to-cage connection
Cascadia Cervical 3D

Cascadia Cervical 3D
Featuring Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology

  • Lamellar 3D Titanium TechnologyTM interbody with approximately 70% porosity3
  • Rough surfaces throughout may allow for enhanced cellular activity4,5,6
  • Implant designed to accommodate sagittal lordosis
Anchor C

Anchor C
Fixed height perservation

  • Hollow PEEK cage with titanium self-locking screw mechanism for a secured fixation of the cage
  • Rigid fixation without any added anterior profile to respect anterior cervical anatomy
  • Angled and flexible instrumentation to help ease screw insertion and surgical technique

Anterior Plate

  • Per-level, integrated locking cover provides clear visual and tactile confirmation of final lock position
  • Strategically placed windows designed for increased graft visualization
  • Accepts variable screws up to 30° conically for flexibility in screw alignment
Capri Cervical

Capri Cervical
3D Corpectomy Cage System

  • Available in static and expandable options to answer to surgeons' preferences
  • Features Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology designed for improved bone fixation3,7
  • Expandable option allows for continuous in-situ height adjustment and lordotic angulation

SILVERGlide and Malis
Bipolar forceps

The SILVERGlide reusable Non-Stick Forceps provides a range of sizes and styles engineered for precision and control.
  • Pure silver alloy plating reduces collateral heating
  • Significant reduction of tissue build-up allows you to work without interruption
Spetzler-Malis Disposable Non-stick Bipolar Forceps deliver balance, comfort and clear sightlines.
  • Features proprietary non-stick technology in multiple designs (standard, slim and dual irrigating)
  • Flexible and lightweight with fine-tuned spring force for added control

Hydrogel Dural Sealant System

Helps to maintain dural closure during the critical phases of dural heading8.
  • Absorbs over approximately 90 days9
  • Pre-assembled applicator
  • Delivery through a tight spray pattern
  • Zero device related infections during the Pivotal Randomized Clinical Trial8
Sonopet iQ

Sonopet iQ
Ultrasonic Aspirator

Precise, easy to use and versatile with unparalleled customization in bone cutting applications.
  • Improved performance with more precise suction control and increased power11
  • Large selection of tips to handle soft tissue, fibrous tissue and bone cutting including Stryker's exclusive LT technology
  • Customizable settings and stored user profiles enabling consistent surgical experiences

High Speed Drills

  • Electric (πdrive, πdrive+) and pneumatic motors (Maestro Aur and Maestro Air with handswitch)
  • The industry's most comprehensive line of cutting accessories to help fulfill your needs10
  • CORE 2 console provides exclusive I.D. Touch software enabling user to choose torque settings to customize drill performance