System 9

The power you need to perform

Quality you can rely on. 


•Stryker's System 9 offers versatility and flexibility addressing a broad variety of orthopaedic procedures.


•With S9, Stryker introduces a European centric designed aseptic system based on years of customer feedback.


•Take System 9 beyond the physical product in your hand with Stryker's Smart Equipment Management (SEM).

Total Joint 
Surgery Set 

Dual Trigger with Hudson mod attachment + Sag with Performance Blade

Hybrid Set  

Cordless Driver with POWEReam Hudson mod attachment + Sag Performance Blade

Trauma & Sports Med  

Cordless Driver (wire collet) + Sabo


Oscillating Tip Saw 


Powered Acetabular Revision System 

Sternum Solution

Sternum Saw with guard and blade + Sabo with fan blade

European-centric designed 

Asceptic Battery System 

Small Aseptic Battery

Large Aseptic Battery

New transfer shield

The aseptic transfer shield has been engineered to accommodate novel aseptic system designs, including a redesigned battery handle


New aseptic door

A redesigned aseptic door aids in cleaning and use. It also provides tactical and visual feedback when latched.


Compact footprint

The aseptic system features a reduced height and size*

*compared to previous generation



More intuitive charging

Stay charged with the System 9 battery charger, featuring six bays and a user interface that's easier to use.




New handpiece
twist lock mechanism 


The handpiece retention mechanism has been updated with a new, intuitive locking mechanism that helps establish a secure battery connection.

A novel twist lock design provides tactile and visual feedback to ensure it’s locked.

System 9 rotation



Smart Equipment Management 


Taking System 9 beyond the physical product in your hand

Stryker’s Smart Equipment Management (SEM) is an online data module designed to help you optimize the management of your System 9 power tools through device-derived, actionable data.

Balanced product use


Simplified service


Proactive device maintenance


Asset tracking


Spend justification of capital assets


Keeping your equipment,
Performing at its best 

Your equipment is an investment. Stryker's ProCare program allows you to get the most from that investment, with our expert team of technicians who have the proprietary knowledge, tooling, and parts to care for your power tools in accordance with our manufacturing specifications.

Choose a service plan that's right for you: 

ProCare Prevent
ProCare Protect


Reliable tools.
Powerful device

EZout Powered Acetabular Revision System

Cut with controlled power with the System 9 EZout System. The system powers the cutting, and helps provide you with predictable, consistent results.

Precision Oscillating Tip Saw


Achieve a more precise surgical experience with the oscillating tip saw designed for reduced noise and vibration.


Cordless Driver


Drill, cut and ream with Strykers exclusive POWEReam Technology, designed to provide a significant increase in torque for challenging procedures.


Not all blades
created are equal.
What blade are
you using? 

Bone temperatures above 47 C (116.6˚F) during orthopaedic bone cuts with power saws may trigger osteonecrosis. Factors such as the duration of time that the blade is in use could lead to a damaging amount of heat being transferred into the cut site.1


Click to learn how blade and tool design could impact bone health by reducing cutting temperature and enhancing blade control during surgery.

System 9
A power tool system 
your hospital can rely on

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