The System 9 power tool with real-time depth measurement

CD NXT provides real-time depth measurement as you drill. Designed to provide you with fast, accurate and consistent digital depth measurement across a variety of procedures.

Suitable for both bicortical and unicortical screws.

Simple & consistent 
power tool


CD NXT features a head attachment with digital readout screen, allowing for one-step drilling and cortex to cortex measurement.


With a live depth up to 99 mm.


in action





Discover the research

The use of traditional depth gauges poses significant challenges in orthopedic trauma surgeries.

This includes increased risk of contamination and potential threats to patient safety2, difficulties in achieving accurate measurements1 and implant wastage3.

Patient safety

The design of manual depth gauges do not allow for thorough sterilization.2



(or more) of manual depth gauge measurements are inaccurate.1


Implant waste occurs in


trauma procedures, with 91% being screws.3



A system that’s compatible

CD NXT is compatible with all cordless driver attachments and various plating systems.



CD NXT is compatible with all Cordless Driver attachments, designed for various implant systems and fit for both locking and non-locking screws.

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Plating that fits for you. Our plating portfolio is designed with you in mind. CD NXT may be used with Stryker and various other manufacturer’s.

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