MIS Attachments
We’ve created MIS attachments in two lengths:13 cm and 16 cm; and four styles: straight, angled, hooded and curved.
  • Alignment dots and Snap-Connect for accurate, easy assembly and disassembly
  • Color coding that instantly identifies matching attachments and cutting accessories
  • Longer, concave design for improved sightlines
  • Fine-edge knurling for enhanced grip and positioning options
Our universal MIS hub creates a MIS cutting accessories with multi-notch (4-10mm) telescoping ability; maximizes length options wile minimizing cost and inventory. Refined attachment design for improved balance and maneuverability.

13 cm MIS straight

13 cm MIS angled

13 cm MIS curved

13 cm MIS straight hooded 

13 cm MIS modified curved 

16 cm MIS straight

16 cm MIS angled

16 cm MIS curved

16 cm MIS straight hooded 

MIS Hub 

MIS angled Hub 



For use with

πdrive Motor

πdrive+ Motor

Maestro Air Motor

Maestro Air Motor
w/ handswitch