Global Modular Replacement System

The Global Modular Replacement System is a segmental prosthesis designed for patients requiring extensive reconstruction of the hip joint and/or knee joint, including knee fusions, necessitated by extensive bone loss due to trauma, failed previous prosthesis and/or tumor resection.

Advancing care. Inspiring hope.

GMRS is a design evolution that incorporates decades of experience with the Kinematic Rotating Hinge (KRH) Knee, Modular Replacement System (MRS) and Modular Rotating Hinge (MRH). GMRS is designed to compensate for significant bone loss and address bone stability in patients who require extensive reconstruction of the hip and/or knee joint.

For decades, we’ve offered modular implant solutions for surgeons who treat patients in need of significant bone reconstruction. We have set the standard for modular implant devices and now more than ever, we’re committed to continuing this legacy of innovation and care. GMRS is a comprehensive system that is designed to help retain the quality of life for patients who require radical bone resection and has been shown to provide the following potential benefits:

  • In a study of 223 patients who received GMRS implants, functional results were good or excellent, as measured by MSTS II scores, in 97% of cases at minimum two-year follow-up, with no difference between sites (distal femur, proximal tibia) or types (primary, revision) of oncologic reconstruction.1
  • A study of 119 patients suffering from bone tumors caused by sarcomas, giant cell tumors, or metastatic bone disease identified a “relatively low risk of revision and amputation” when using the GMRS prosthesis; the authors observed a 74% probability of five-year revision-free survival in the cohort.2


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