PCD® mixer and delivery system

An all-in-one mixer and delivery system, the PCD® (Precision Cement Delivery) system offers ease of use, desired cement consistency and an opportunity for improved procedural efficiency.



  • Manual mixing blade blends components together to form desired viscosity in approximately one minute 
  • Streamlined transfer of mixed cement to delivery cartridge 



  • Hand-operated, allowing precise delivery of mixed cement with 0.4cc per full turn1 
  • Delivery cartridge and extension tube help provide radiation safety with more than 35cm in total length 
  • Provides 9cc of deliverable cement2 

Procedure overview

Pour powder and monomer into funnel

Attach mixing blade and lock into place

Mix cement in an up-and-down motion while rotating the mixing handle

Remove hand mixer: push grey button inward, rotate clockwise, then pull handle straight up and out of mixing chamber

Lock the delivery cartridge with the extension tube attached onto the mixing chamber by rotating counter-clockwise

Transfer and prime system by turning the base of the mixing chamber clockwise