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We understand the importance of having all the right tools in the OR. 

We are partnering with you during surgery with our comprehensive cranial portfolio, designed for neurosurgeons. From cranial access to restoration, we are delivering solutions you can count on.

Access High speed drills 
Signature Drills

Our comprehensive Signature drill platform with collection of motors, attachments and cutting acessories, designed to provide the breadth and depth you need. Powered by CORE, our integrated O.R solution.

Core 2 Console | Elite Attachments | πDrive Motor | πDrive+ Motor

Resect Ultrasonic aspirator and bipolar forceps

Sonopet iQ latest generation ultrasonic aspirator system for tissue resection and bone cutting and a wide range of Spetzler-Malis single-use and SILVERGlide reusable bipolar forceps designed for excellent visualisation, precision and control.

Sonopet iQ | Spetzler-Malis | SILVERGlide | Malis Generator


Repair  Dura substitutes
Signature Drills

Versatile Duramatrix collagen dura membrane portfolio for the restoration of the dura mater. 


Reseal  Dural sealant

Our Adherus dural sealant, designed to provide watertight closure during cranial and spinal procedures. 


Restore Titanium fixation
Signature Drills

A comprehensive selection of off-the-shelf cranial fixation options including our Universal Neuro III skull base and low-profile plates, dynamic mesh, screws and instrumentation as well as our Quikflap sterile procedure packs.

Universal Neuro III Quikflap

Restore Customised cranial implants

MEDPOR and PEEK patient-specific implants for the restoration of cranial defects. Discover our PEEK Single stage offering enabling to resect and reconstruct in one surgery.

Cranial iD PEEK Single Stage



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We understand that no two days are the same in the OR.

You and your team work in a high-stress, high-stakes environment performing life-saving procedures, and we are committed to support you, every step of the way, from open to close.


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