Gel support surface


IsoTour at a glance

Pressure ulcers have a profound economic burden across Europe with estimates between £1.4 and £2.1 billion for the UK and €1 and €2.3 billion in Germany*. To meet your needs and those of your patients, our IsoTour gel support surface is available in two versions - the powered premium configuration and non-powered standard configuration. Our powered premium surface configuration is designed to assist in the reduction of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers by addressing three key risk factors of skin breakdown: pressure, shear, and moisture. And the non-powered standard surface is intended to assist in the redistribution of pressure specific to the individual needs of the patient. The surface is composed primarily of gel structures that help redistribute pressure by buckling and absorbing the patient’s weight.

  • Our exclusive and patented gel is placed in three distinct zones to help with pressure redistribution on bony prominences, as well as to enhance comfort.

  • IsoTour’s TruTurn helps to off-load the sacrum and a visual confirmation gives you the confidence that your turning protocol is successful.

  • The surface can operate with or without a pump, but when the pump is attached, the surface converts to low air loss automatically, and allows you to use TruTurn easily.

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