Duisburg / Vienna
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Dr.-Homer-Stryker-Platz 1 
D-47228 Duisburg

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+49 (0) 2065 837-0
+49 (0) 2065 837-837 Fax

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Facts about Duisburg




m² office space

Areas of activity

  • marketing and sales
  • training and further education 
  • QM / European Shared Service Centre
  • technology 
  • administration for Austria, Switzerland and Poland

Working in the heart of the Ruhrgebiet

Duisburg is a city of the Ruhr metropolis, which as a conurbation in North Rhine-Westphalia offers many other attractive locations in the immediate vicinity. Big and fair cities such as Essen, Dusseldorf and Cologne are by an optimally developed route network in 25 to max. 45 minutes away. Life in this region offers a colorful mix of sports and cultural activities, as well as a beautiful landscape. The inhabitants are cosmopolitan, tolerant and win by their sometimes rough-heartedness. Our logistics location Venlo is reached in 30 minutes drive and our European headquarters in Amsterdam is just 250 km away.

Service provider for Germany and Europe

Service provider for Germany and Europe

The German-language headquarters for the distribution and marketing of Stryker Corporation's products is located in Duisburg. From there, the countries Austria, Switzerland and Poland are also looked after. The respective branches in the mentioned countries are located in Vienna, Biberist and Krakow.After several relocations within Germany, Stryker GmbH & Co. KG finally settled in the newly built new building in the Duisburg Business Park. In addition to the administration, the European Technical Center is now located there. It was integrated with the completion of our central warehouse in Venlo, the Netherlands, in the free-standing Duisburg storage areas.