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We are committed to partnering with you to deliver high quality personalised education programs, designed to advance surgical techniques.

Whether it’s at a local, national or European level, we are proud to provide a specialised educational experience.





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As a healthcare professional, you can count on us to help contribute to your success through training focused on quality clinical and technical application.


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Make the most of your time. We strive to provide you with useful courses that optimise your learning. 


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Stay in the know. Take what you learn here today, and apply it tomorrow. 


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We'll keep up. As you progress, so will our offerings. 



Each year, our medical education team trains thousands of healthcare professionals.


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Stryker is a member of MedTech Europe, which is the European Industry association representing the medical technology industries, from diagnosis to cure. 

As a member of MedTech Europe, Stryker is committed to comply with the Med Tech Europe Code of Ethical business Practices while partnering on educational opportunities. 

For further information, please visit the MedTech Europe website.




We offer a full range of learning opportunities and are constantly developing new courses and training resources. From hands-on surgical trainings to virtual courses, we offer activities that address evolving clinical and operational challenges.




Surgical training lab
Cadaveric labs focused on procedure and product education.




Clinical workshops
Simulations and training with models or animal bones.




Speaker series
Didactic based education.




Virtual education    
Live streaming educational events including surgery and symposiums.


Our extensive Stryker course offering ranges from fundamental resident training to advanced surgical techniques, to meet your need for tiered levels of training and education.



Education and training for healthcare professionals in the first years of their specialisation. 

The opportunity to participate in local courses and events that showcase the safe and effective use of Stryker products. 



For healthcare professionals in their final years as a trainee and first five years in pratice. 

Advanced level educational opportunities that reflect their increased knowledge and experience.  



For senior level healthcare professionals.

The ability to enhance their knowledge with a view to positively impact the future of surgery. 




We are organising and supporting two types of educational events.

Stryker Educational Events: Educational events which are organised and run by Stryker, where we are responsible for the faculty, agenda and delegates. 

Third Party Organised Educational Events: Educational events where a third party (usually the course director or a university) is responsible for the faculty, agenda and delegates. Stryker can provide support in the form of medical education equipment and grants.*




Amsterdam Skills Centre 

Together with the Amsterdam University Medical Center (AMC) and Vrije University (VU), Stryker is a proud partner of the Amsterdam Skills Centre, which opened its doors on 4th February 2019.

The Amsterdam Skills Centre provides a state of the art operating theater, with 12 operating tables providing training of complex procedures on preserved human tissue. A digital learning environment is supported in the 3700m2 building, which has conference rooms for up to 200 people.


European Association for Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery (EACMFS)

The EACMFS was established in 1970 by a group of innovative European surgeons who were keen to advance the specialty. It is has become a highly respected professional group for the specialty in Europe.

As a long standing industry partner, Stryker has been supporting EACMFS with an education grant: the Leibinger Award, on a yearly basis.



Education grant

Leibinger Award

Stryker supports the European Associations EACMFS with educational grants regularly. Please consider applying to this society where applicable.

The Leibinger Award presented by Stryker is designed to support a period of targeted education and training away from the host programme of the successful two candidates. 

The award supports the successful EACMFS members to gain further experience in the fields of maxillofacial trauma, orthognathic surgery, Head & Neck oncology, or craniofacial reconstruction by visiting specialized centers. 

The award is comprised of two parts:

  • 5,000 scholarship per awardee to cover travel and accommodation at the host center. 
  • An additional amount up to 750 per awardee, to cover travel expenses so the recipient can deliver a verbal, post-visit presentation at the EACMFS Council dinner or another event agreed upon the representatives from Stryker and the EACMFS Executive Committee.

The award winners are decided by the Endowment Committee ratified by the Executive EACMFS Committee and reported to the Council. 

Interested parties should download and submit an EACMFS application form, which can be found here.

Deadline 30th June in the year preceding the biannual EACMFS congress.





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