Bipolar Forceps


Our SILVERGlide family of reusable non-stick bipolar forceps is designed to address the issue of tissue adhesion and thermal damage during surgery.


Features and benefits


  • Variety of tine lengths and tip sizes and styles

  • Microgauge tines designed to provide clear view of tissue

  • Highly pure silver alloy plating designed to prevent sticking of tissues to bipolar forceps

  • Prompt coagulation with low thermal spread, leading to less collateral damage to surrounding tissue

  • Light, balanced ergonomic handle design for comfort and visibility

  • Guide-stop that aligns tines to eliminate scissoring of tips

  • Standard two-pin round connector compatible with most standard foot-switching bipolar electrosurgical generators

  • Reusable up to 20 times  - reducing environmental waste

  • Standard steam autoclave cycle sterilisation with no disassembly required

Non-stick, no hassle

SILVERFlide's patented silver plating is designed to prevent tissue buildup and adhesion. Instead of stopping to scrape the tips, a quick wipe with a moistended surgical sponge keeps the tips clean. Clean tips keep procedures flowing smoothly without interruption and let you use lower power settings to achieve the same surgical results.

The "gold standard" in silver plating

SILVERGlide is a properietary technology designed to reduce molecular bonding force and eliminate hot spots on the forceps tips. The SILVERGlide alloy defuses heat 37 times better than standard stainless steel - and lab tests and field experience show that non-stick technology enables continuous performance up to 20 times.

How SILVERGlide eliminates sticking

Standard stainless steel forceps

Hot spots from sparks occur during coagulation.

These hot spots cause localised sticking

Tissue seared to the forceps tips is ripped away

SILVERGlide non-stick

Hot spots start to occur during coagulation.

Heat is diffused rapidly to prevent sticking.

The forceps can be removed without tissue sticking

The SILVERGlide family

SILVERGlide ProSeries

Non-stick reusable silver-plating forceps with guide stop for reduced scissoring and better control. The SILVERGlide ProSeries includes straight and bayonet style in six lengths. Choose from six different angle options. 

7.5 in (19 cm) ProSeries straight bayonet
0.7 mm tip, 1.0 mm tip, 1.0 mm 30° upward-angled angled tip or 2.0 mm 30° upward-angled angled tip

5.7 in (14.5 cm) ProSeries bayonet
6.3 in (16 cm), 7.5 in (19 cm), 8.7 in (22 cm), 9.5 in (24 cm), 11 in (28 cm) wide variety of tips

ProSeries bayonet Tip lengths and angles
  0.4 mm 0.7 mm 1.0 mm 1.2 mm 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 0.4 mm
45° angled up
0.7 mm
15° angled up
0.7 mm
30° angled up
0.7 mm
45° angled up
0.7 mm
80° angled up
0.7 mm
45° angled down
0.7 mm
80° angled down
1.2 mm
45° angled up
1.2 mm
45° angled down
5.7 in
(14.6 cm)
6.7 in
(16 cm)
7.5 in
(19 cm)
8.7 in
(22 cm)
9.5 in
(24 cm)
11 in
(28 cm)

SILVERGlide accessories

We have a full range of accessories to help your SILVERGlide forceps deliver optimised performance and flexibility.

  • Disposable cable—sturdy PVC rubber with SnugShield feature for a secure electrical connection
  • Polishing cloths
  • Tip guards

The SILVERGlide forceps don’t char or stick, and because of this are extremely accurate in their application of energy. They’ve proven to be one of the best equipment purchases I’ve made.

Mark Glasgold, M.D. | Highland Park, New Jersey

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