SafeAir Compact Evacuator

It’s one small box that makes a big difference in your O.R. air quality. It provides suction for either SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencil (standard or telescopic) and is easily portable for use in the O.R. or other procedure rooms. But what you may like best are its many features that allow you to customize performance settings to suit the needs of various surgeons, patients and procedures.

The SafeAir compact smoke evacuator has a small footprint with near instant smoke evacuation equipped with an ULPA filter that has a viral, and bacterial filtration efficiency of at least 99.999%.

  • Small, easily portable

  • No ramp-up time required to reach desired suction power

  • Proprietary vacuum design ensuring near-instant "on-tip" suction at power level set

  • Multiple activation modes: automatic, permanent and footswitch

  • Customizable time delay; up to 10 seconds of smoke evacuation after pencil deactivation