Illuminated instruments

Intelligent photonics technology

Total internal reflection:

Directs and shapes light

  • Proprietary design controls, transmits and retains light
  • Bends and shapes light to maximize its critical angle and prevent light from escaping
  • Narrow and wide PhotonGuide tip designs further tailor light projection

Solid core optical-grade polymer:

Couples and captures light

  • Solid core polymer captures light from the source
  • Eliminates light loss and thermal risks that can occur with fiber-to-fiber misalignment
  • Creates a thermally-cool connection

Refractive output surface:

Extracts and projects light

  • Unique, refractive microlenses cover the outputsurface, extracting and directing light at varying angles
  • Creates redundancy of light that eliminates shadows
  • Mitigates masking by blood or fluids
  • Minimizes backward glare
  • Results in wider light projection

Intelligent Photonics:

Delivers thermally-cool, volumetric lighting

  • At equal distance from target, delivers broader,volumetric light projection
  • Generates thermally-cool illumination; maximum output temperature remains below established burn risk