Sage oral hygiene tools

Keeping the mouth clean is an important part of overall health.

This product is only available for sale to healthcare professionals

Sage oral hygiene tools

Our portfolio of suction and non-suction tools can help you address your patient’s oral care needs.

  • Suction Toothbrush containing Alcohol-Free Mouthwash and Mouth Moisturiser (REF: 6573-X)

  • Suction Toothbrush containing Sage Oral Solution (REF: 6977-BP)

  • Suction Toothbrush (REF: 6577-X)

  • Suction Swabs containing Corinz Oral Rinse (REF: 6584-X)

  • Single Use Swabs containing Corinz Oral Rinse (REF: 6583-X)

  • Single Use Swabs with Sodium Bicarbonate (REF: 6075-X)

  • Single Use Oral Swab (REF: 6070-X)

  • Single Use Oral Toothette (REF: 5602UT-X)