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Patient Specific Implants and Plating

Product overview

Whether you are looking for midface or mandibular reconstructive solutions, patient-specific orthognathic plates or an implant to address aesthetic needs, our iD Solutions Facial iD portfolio will provide personalised results for your patient. Implants are individually designed with your patient’s CT data while you drive the artistry of the implant during a digital session with our design engineer. Implants are available in a variety of materials depending on anatomical location, including MEDPOR, PEEK and titanium (milled or 3D printed). Provide your patients with an implant designed to fit their anatomy and enhanced aesthetic results. 

This product is only available for sale to healthcare professionals.

Orthognathic surgery
We can help you take orthognathic surgery to the next level of accuracy and precision, with patient-specific 3D printed plates. Determine osteotomy simulations and bony movement during the VSP session, then design customized plates to provide an optimal fitting plate for your patient. During the plate design session, you can select a range of features including profile height, length of plate and screw hole placement. Make adjustments in real-time and view your final implant design during the session.

Our MEDPOR patient-specific implants allow you to create the ideal implant design for your patient’s midface or mandible aesthetic needs. During an online interaction with our engineers, you’ll be able to determine the height, width, projection and overall shape of the implant.

Mandible reconstruction
Patient-specific titanium plates are manufactured to the planned patient outcome, eliminating the time needed for intraoperative adaptation. Plot the location of every screw hole, select the profile height and bar width, and create a reconstruction plate to meet your patients’ needs.

We collaborate with 3D Systems to offer VSP® solutions to further enhance your patient outcomes with anatomic models and surgical guides. 

Midface reconstruction
We have many options to address midface reconstruction, ranging from our newly introduced patient-specific titanium plates to our long-standing MEDPOR and PEEK products.

Our customized reconstruction plates are designed to meet the individual needs of you and your patients. These customized plates are manufactured to the planned patient outcome determined through virtual surgical planning, eliminating the time needed for intraoperative adaptation. This patient-specific approach comes from our partnership with 3D Systems.

We also offer MEDPOR and PEEK materials for midface reconstruction. Each has a well-established history of surgical use and offers you the flexibility to address your patients’ specific needs. You can provide detailed inputs during an online design session with our engineers and map out the exact placement, projection, and other aspects of the implant to match the needs of your patient.

Midface and mandible trauma
Trauma can mean a complete loss of anatomical references and a need for fast analyses. With 3D Systems’ VSP, you can visualize preoperative and repositioned postoperative anatomy, then utilize those VSP decisions to design patient-specific plates to fit your intended surgical plan. Plate design session features include real-time visualization of screw hole placements, bar width and plate thickness.

Confident plate design
Embrace the next level of patient-specific planning with our patented software that illustrates bone thickness via heat maps. This feature can be utilized during planning sessions to help you identify areas of quality bone for planning the 3D printed plate design and screw hole fixation points. This can provide additional value in orthognathic and midface reconstruction or trauma cases.

Bone thickness measurements are included in all design proposals for customized cases for mandible reconstruction, orthognathic, midface reconstruction and midface or mandible trauma. This measurement feature provides bone depth guidance intraoperatively, to equip you to effortlessly choose the appropriate screw for each hole and fixate the plate in a secure location.

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This product is only available for sale to healthcare professionals.

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