Symmetry Plus

Patient Room Recliners

Versatile recliners for a healing environment.

This product is only available for sale to healthcare professionals.

Recliners at a glance

Our stylish Symmetry Plus Patient Room and Treatment Recliners maximise guest and patient comfort while providing uncompromised durability.

Product features

Patient Room Recliner

Stryker’s stylish Patient Room Recliner maximises patient and guest comfort, while providing uncompromised durability. Choose from Rocker or Wall-Saver models, with open or upholstered arms available on each model.

  • Rocker or wall-saver models available
  • Extended, wide arm caps
  • Pull-out foot tray provides added comfort

Treatment Recliner
Recliners are an essential part of every patient room, giving patients freedom from their bed. Our Treatment Recliner features an infinite number of recline positions and full-flat bed position .A tray table and IV pole are available as options.

  • Trendelenburg position
  • Backrest locks into infinite number of recline positions
  • Extended, wide arm caps

Step-Lock Brakes

Step-Lock Brakes are easy to access to help improve efficiency.

Rear Push Bar

Rear Push Bar makes repositioning easier.


Pull-out foot tray provides added comfort.