Prime Series


Customisable solutions to meet your patients’ needs.

This product is only available for sale to healthcare professionals

Prime Series at a glance

Especially mobile and user-friendly, our Prime Series Stretcher is designed to reduce the physical strain on clinicians1-4, drive efficiency and enhance patient comfort. Fully equipped and highly configurable, the Prime Series Stretcher allows you to creates a solution to meet your specific needs.

  • Advanced mobility options: Big Wheel or Zoom Motorised Drive System

  • Electric powered base and lift

  • Chaperone stretcher alarm system with integrated scale

Product features

Advanced mobility options

Stryker Prime offers three advanced mobility opsions - the Zoom Motorised Drive System, Big Wheel Advanced mobility, and Fifth Wheel.

Big Wheel technology allows caregivers to push and steer the stretcher more easily, compared to a manual fifth wheel stretcher.1

Ous Zoom Motorised Drive System helps reduce strenuous pushing and pulling which can result in caregiver injuries.1

Electric lift

Simply step on the pedal to easily raise the litter.

Comfort controls

Patients can control their own comfort instead of calling for assistance and repositioning. Controls are staggered so the patient can access them in any position, and they include a patient lockout. Optional foot-end nursing controls allow caregivers to improve patient comfort with the touch of a button.

Lift assist backrest

The drop seat leverages the patient’s weight to easily raise the head of the stretcher, while cradling the patient to reduce the need for boosting.

Simple and convenient

Four-sided brakes offer convenient access, while a power-washable design makes Prime Series Stretchers easy to clean in a fast-paced healthcare environment.

*Not available on Zoom models

Glideaway siderails

These siderails offer reliable patient security when raised, yet are completely out of the way when down, for zero-gap transfers.

Litter-mounted oxygen bottle holder

Mounted conveniently on the litter, the oxygen bottle’s placement helps reduce awkward bending, reaching and lifting for caregivers.

Recovery chair position

Helps eliminate the need for unnecessary transfers by providing a comfortable position for patients to recover.

Optional scale system

Integrated into the stretcher, the optional scale* provides repeatable weights with the patient in the stretcher. It also helps reduce the need for lateral transfers and independent scale systems.

Chaperone stretcher exit system

For patients who pose a flight or fall risk, this system alerts the nurse when the patient begins to exit the stretcher.5