When closeness matters most.

This product is only available for sale to healthcare professionals.

Nara Bassinet

There are few moments in life more important than the time a mother first spends with her newborn. It is during this time that a mother bonds skin-to-skin with her newborn, creating warmth and establishing an emotional connection. In the world of bassinets, Nära’s simple design brings mothers close to their newborns during the time when closeness matters most.

  • Height-adjustable bassinet

  • Basket secured to the base by three points of contact

  • Two-way drawers

Product features

Narrow cabinet design
The narrow cabinet design helps to promote mother-to-infant closeness from the bedside.

Height adjustability

The adjustable height of Nära provides ergonomic positioning for caregivers, and mother-to-infant closeness, regardless of bed height.

Soft-edge basket

Soft-edge basket with tilting feature helps to improve visibility and interaction for mothers to their newborns.

Three points of contact

The basket, secured by three points of contact, helps provide mothers and caregivers peace of mind.

Two-way drawers

Two-way drawers offer easy access to storage, helping limit disturbance to the newborn.

Retractable work surface

A retractable work surface smoothly glides in and out to give caregivers workspace close to the infant.

Steer-locking, soft-wheel casters

Steer-locking, soft-wheel casters give newborns a smooth, quiet ride, while providing stability and manoeuvrability during transportation.