Paediatric Crib

Visually communicates a comforting environment for small children and their families.

This product is only available for sale to healthcare professionals.

Cub Pediatric Crib

Versatile. Access. Ease of Use.

When you're using our products that are developed with security and ease-of-use at the forefront of design, you can feel confident you're giving your patients the best care possible. The Cub Pediatric Crib has a simple, versatile design that's warm friendly appearance cultivates a comforting environment for small children and their families.

  • 360 Access with all four siderails being lowered

  • 4 swing open silent access doors

  • Optional integrated scale

  • Retractable fifth wheel

Product features

Retracting backrest

Helps eliminate head-end gap and improves security for the child.

Optional protective top

Can be equipped with intermediate support position on each side. 

Retractable fifth wheel

Helps improve mobility, while a central-locking braking system makes operation simple and convenient.

Optional integrated scale

The scale system allows the reading of a patient’s weight in pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg).


Assured and convenient care

Large-slatted siderails provide a warm and friendly appearance and can be completely lowered for 360-degree unobstructed access to the patient.

Quiet swing-open access doors allow convenient patient care without disturbing a sleeping child. The access doors have built in features to help ensure a child cannot open it from the inside.

All activation points are coloured red and require two adult size hand movements to initiate. This helps to ensure movements are deliberate and the patient remains in the crib.

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