Stryker’s third-annual DE&I Summit: Ensuring every employee is seen, heard and valued


Stryker continues to make positive strides to foster a culture where every employee feels seen, heard and valued.

With our third-annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Summit, we emphasized to employees that each of us has the power to advance DE&I and build a more inclusive culture here at Stryker.

Thousands of employees attended. In a series of intimate conversations, attendees heard their colleagues share stories about how their unique life experiences have brought them to where they are today – and what they did with the opportunities once they got there. We heard what allyship truly means from co-workers who found support when they needed it most, allowing them to bring their authentic selves to work. We heard how women engineers at Stryker, several of whom have been patients themselves, are a driving force behind our advancements in women’s healthcare.


DE&I Summit
DE&I Summit
DE&I Summit


And our Chair and CEO Kevin Lobo candidly answered the burning questions that are top of mind for many of our employees.

“Kevin has been unwavering in his commitment to DE&I and its impact on innovation and growth,” said Annie Heath, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Stryker.

DE&I Summit

This year's goal

Notably, this year was the first time hosting the DE&I leadership forum in addition to the DE&I Summit where those in employee resource group (ERG) leadership roles at Stryker gathered together to share perspectives, brainstorm ideas and take advantage of the magic that happens when spending time together in person including with our senior leadership.

This type of collaboration will accelerate our DE&I progress as an organization – and ideally serve as the wellspring for future DE&I Summits, as we continue advancing a strong and inclusive workplace culture.

The primary goal for these events remains to invite all employees to hear each other’s stories, and ask ourselves how we can show up for our teammates in a meaningful, thoughtful way to best support them.

“Hearing our employees being so vulnerable and open – it just further reiterated to me the need to imagine putting yourself in their situation to see what you would do,” said Angelica Swaim, Manager of DE&I at Stryker. “Hearing them during the Summit while being in the audience made me realize, ‘This is why we’re here. This is why we’re doing this.”