Omega Self-Punching Knotless Anchor System

Omega Self-Punching
Knotless Anchor System


Self-punching all-PEEK knotless anchor platform with
screw-in fixation. The Omega eyelet is independent of the
screw, or decoupled, which offers key intraoperative advantages.

Omega Knotless Anchor System

  • Proprietary decoupled eyelet
  • Unobstructed complete cannulation
  • Guiding suture path
  • Self-punching all-PEEK eyelet
  • Ease of sizing up 
  • Double-Double configuration 

Explore the Omega design The decoupled eyelet design creates a guiding suture path, offering unobstructed cannulation, and the ease to size up to a larger screw without removal of the eyelet and sutures.

Proprietary decoupled eyelet

The eyelet is independent of the screw and has a proprietary design to reposition during suture tensioning and customise its final position based on bone density. 

Unobstructed complete cannulation

Omega screws have been designed to offer unobstructed complete cannulation due to the decoupled eyelet and screw construct and the eyelet’s ability to reposition itself during deployment. Anchor cannulation may facilitate the exchange of blood and other autologous cells.

Guiding suture path

Sutures from the previously inserted eyelet create a suture path and facilitate the insertion point for the screw.

Self-punching eyelet

The all-PEEK eyelet is preloaded on a self-punching awl which is designed to eliminate the need to drill. Drills, taps and awls are available. 

Ease of sizing up

The design of the system allows for the surgeon to intraoperatively size up to a 6.5mm screw without removing the eyelet or rethreading the sutures.

Double-Double configuration

The Omega platform offers Double-Double implant kits for the 3.9mm and 4.75mm sizes. For cases requiring two implants, the Double-Double kits feature disposable instrumentation that is designed to be reloaded intraoperatively with a second set of implants.

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