Resurfacing tool

Built for ease-of-use and minimal vibration, skiving and chatter
Resurfacing tool

Designed to provide procedural efficiency in your O.R.

Crafted with control, accuracy and optimal cutting speeds in mind, Stryker's Resurfacing Tool is a versital option in your O.R.

Resurfacing tool
One cutting edge with four benefits

Stryker’s resurfacing tool provides a reduced level of chatter, increased cut accuracy, and increased cut speed1 when compared to a 4.0mm fluted egg bur.1,2

  • Creates a more accurate cut path when compared to the current 4.0mm fluted egg bur2
  • Offers a significant reduction in chatter when compared to the 4.0mm fluted egg bur2
  • When compared to fluted burs of similar geometries, the material removal of the Resurfacing Tools is improved over the current 4.0mm fluted egg bur1,2
  • Designed to not clog

Choose Stryker for efficiency and accuracy you can rely on

Stryker's Resurfacing Tool is designed to provide a fast, clean cut and minimal heat, chatter and skiving during use

Engineered for greater control and efficiency

More flutes = more control, less efficiency

Less flutes = more effeciency


"What impresses me the most about the Resurfacing Tool is the accuracy and efficiency of its cuts. In my O.R., I value how the Resurfacing Tool's clean cuts make my work easier."

- Dr. Adam Schiff, Loyola Medicine, Maywood, IL

- Dr. Ipsum, Lorem, NY

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