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Imagine having someone dedicated to managing your equipment, who truly understands the intricacies of EMS and can anticipate your needs before an issue even arises.  We’ll make sure your back-saving power equipment is ready when you need it. With ProCare Services, count on trusted experts dedicated to caring for your equipment, so you can focus on what truly matters – saving lives.

With ProCare Service, we offer you operational and financial peace of mind through two comprehensive service package offerings, ProCare Protect and ProCare Prevent. Choose the service package that best meets your needs.

ProCare is our all-inclusive service offering

Our highly trained service technicians provide a comprehensive service solution for your Stryker equipment, so you can truly focus on what matters—saving lives.
ProCare Protect

A maintenance and service plan that allows you to balance equipment uptime needs and your budget. Protect includes Stryker support, service calls, parts, labor and travel. 

Technician working on the LUCAS 3 chest compression system


When an issue comes up we will resolve it as quickly as possible and ensure that your equipment is at your service and ready to serve your patients. 

Technician working on Stryker's Power Pro XT


Every day, you count on your equipment in the back of the ambulance to perform at its best. With ProCare Services, our technicians help to ensure your equipment is ready to perform when needed.

EMS team loading patient into the back of an ambulance

Peace of mind

With a ProCare service plan you have one less thing to worry about and one more reason to feel confident you are doing all you can for your staff.

ProCare Prevent

A plan that provides enhanced service solutions that support preventive maintenance initiatives. In addition to all the features of Protect, Prevent plans include comprehensive preventive maintenance programs and compliance documentation.

Stryker's Power Pro XT, Stair-PRO, and LUCAS 3 alongside an ambulance

Enhance equipment lifetime

Sometimes even the most robust equipment needs some level of care. With our ProCare solutions we help you take care of your equipment and maximize the lifecycle of your devices.



Service plan options

Choose the best plan for your needs.



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Repair or replacement of equipment, if during the warranty period your equipment shows any defects in material or workmanship

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ProCare Prevent

Our Prevent Plan includes a yearly equipment maintenance overview to assist you with better planing for the future.

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ProCare Protect

With our ProCare Protect option you can ensure your yearly budget will not be impacted by ad-hoc repair costs.

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ProCare Protect Lifetime

ProCare Protect lifetime is your complete service solution, starting in the first 6 months of your equipment. ProCare Protect lifetime makes it easier for you to give the best care for your equipment from early on, by having all the advantages of a ProCare Protect contract.





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