Critical Care Bed

Basic needs. Simplified care. Exceptional outcomes.

InTouch Bed

InTouch at a glance

The InTouch Critical Care Bed delivers intuitive, advanced technology and supports it with hospital programs and processes that enable you to minimize the risk of never events while providing a higher quality of care safely and conveniently.

  • Intuitive controls on all four sides of the bed

  • One touch electric brake

  • Protocol reminders

  • Spoken language translations

  • Sound therapy 

Product features

Touch Screen

Control all bed functions with an easy, intuitive touch screen interface using a powerful on-bed Windows computer.

Zoom Motorized Drive System

Our Zoom Drive System is fully integrated and helps to provide mobility and efficiency for both the patient and the caregiver.

iBed Awareness

iBed Awareness monitors local bed status information, alerting caregivers visually, audibly or remotely if preset parameters are compromised.

Connect to Help Prevent Adverse Events

By providing better bedside data and greater flexibility to connect, you can help improve patient care and help prevent adverse events. Open architecture reduces your total cost of ownership and gives you the freedom to build a custom solution.

Benefits of Early Mobility


Stryker's InTouch bed has features that may assist in early mobility exercises such as a 16" low bed height, an independent knee gatch and foot drop, a one-touch cardiac chair position, and siderails that support transferable skills and the necessary nose-over-toes position.

Connected and confident care


iBed Wireless, available on Stryker’s InTouch Critical Care Bed, is compatible with many information management systems allowing your facility to build a custom end solution. This gives caregivers the ability to help provide advanced fall prevention*, asset management and documentation from the bedside.1