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Our purpose


Our purpose

A meaningful experience 
Make the most of your time.

Stryker Medical Education puts its fundamentals into action by supporting the education of healthcare professionals in various settings and locations. We strive to provide you with useful courses that optimize your learning experience.


Stryker Interventional Spine delivers high quality personalized education programs designed to advance minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Healthcare professionals can count on us to help contribute to their success and drive value through training focused on quality clinical and technical application. Whether it’s at a Local, National or European level, we are proud to provide a specialized educational experience.

Your opinion counts! We collect feedback after every session and the advice you give helps to make our programs even better.




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Anatomy lab session
Speaker Series with Surgical Training Labs
Didactic based education followed by an Anatomy Lab focused on procedure and product education.
Surgeon to surgeon event
Surgeon Observation
In theatre surgeon visitation program followed by a didactic presentation.
Excellence training center
Surgeon Obervation and hands-on session
Simulations and trainings with models or live surgeries followed by a didactic presentation.
Round table meeting
Clinical summit
Clinical symposium



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We promise to keep things relevant year in, year out.

  • We strive to provide you with useful courses. Consulting with the industry's top key opinion leaders helps us design a broad and relevant curriculum.
  • Our focus is on your practical education and training, not product promotion.



Take what you learn today and apply it tomorrow.

  • We can give you the hands-on experience you want. We offer a wide range of cadaveric labs to help hone your surgical skills.

  • Supporting you is the number one priority for our Faculty. Wide ranging and in-depth teaching experience give them the insight to help you get the most out of each course.

  • Learning is more effective in small groups. Our courses have a high ratio of Faculty to trainees.
An effective experience 
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A personalized experience 
We'll keep up.
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As you progress so will our offerings.

Your need for tiered levels of training and education is met by our extensive course offering ranging from basic resident training to advanced surgical techniques.




We are committed to developing meaningful learning opportunities that meet your needs as a healthcare professional at every stage of your career.

Essential – Discover new technologies and their indications. The opportunity to participate in local courses and events that showcase the safe and effective use of Stryker products.; Advanced – Go one step further, expand your treatment options and indications. Advanced level educational opportunities that reflect your increased knowledge and experience.; Expert – For senior level healthcare profeccionals. The ability to enhance your knowledge with a view to positively impact the future of surgery.
Our Virtual Reality experience and our Medability VCF training machine allow you to benefit a first-class training.


Female doctor video-conferencing
We're bringing training to you. In Medical Education we strongly believe in new technology and innovative solutions to train our partners. We have considerably increased the power of our Medical Education programs thanks to innovative solutions which allow us to empower our physical and virtual/remote educational events. Virtual solutions break the boundaries, push back borders and defy the limits of Medical Education!



Virtual reality
Virtual Reality Experience
Virtual Reality (VR) is reshaping the way surgical training is delivered, moving away from traditional models of the past. Step into a virtual world with VR goggles, perform a simulated surgery, be guided through a surgical procedure and feel realistic haptic feedback using the bespoke controllers. This technology allows you to gain real life experience, before applying your newly acquired skills in a real case.

The VR kit also offers a new Multiplayer module which allows us to unite people from various locations in the same virtual experience. You can join people from different geographic areas in the same virtual world! This new function really pushes boundaries, eliminates borders and reinvents our MedEd program!






Enter a new era of minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) training. Learn MISS techniques using image-guided simulation and real time haptic feedback.




MedTech Europe from diagnosis to cure


Stryker is a member of MedTech Europe,
which is the European Industry association representing the medical technology industries, from diagnosis to cure.

As a member of MedTech Europe, Stryker is committed to complying with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practices while partnering on educational opportunities.

For further information, please visit the MedTech Europe website



By partnering with industry societies,

we offer educational grants to give you the opportunity to attend other courses that you may need. In Medical Education, we understand the important function that educational grants play in the professional journey of healthcare professionals. 

Where permitted under national laws, regulations and professional codes of conducts, Stryker may also offer educational grants to Healthcare Organizations and Professional Conference Organizers to contribute to the medical education of healthcare professionals*.

Signing documents

* Stryker has the obligation to report all approved educational grants they provide to MedTech Europe or where applicable a local transparency platform

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Physical events

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we will update our calendar as soon as the situation gets better.

Virtual events

Physical events

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all our events after February 2020 have been postponed to 2021, when the situation will get better.

Virtual events

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